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Chris Colfer and Darren Criss filming scenes on the set ‘Glee’ in Los Angeles, California on February 25, 2014. [UHQ]

So, these photo’s are ALL over my dash at the moment, and all anyone can talk about is…. Oh No, Kurt’s Hurt!! Yes, don’t get me wrong, the fact that Kurt apparently is part of a beating is a terrible thing…. but the first thing that went through my mind…. who’s the guy in the picture? Because that memorial probably means he died. 

So yes, I want to know the context and Kurt’s involvement in this… from the rainbow flag evident, I would assume it was based on a gay bashing…. So I want to know, who is the guy and how and why was Kurt involved?

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Is everyone clear on what’s going on in Russia with LGBTQ peoples. CAUSE YOU SHOULD BE. What’s going on is absolutely horrifically disgusting and it turns my stomach. Russia is home to people just like you and me except their government is telling them how they can and cannot live and who they can and cannot LOVE. This is heartbreaking. Ask yourself how you can help our Russian brothers and sisters. Lets not be quiet about this. We can all help.

Ways you can help:


VISIT allout.org This website will inform you of the chaos in Russia and other areas of the world where being gay is a crime. Help allout.org by donations and/or signing they’re demands to governments across the world for EQUALITY and PEACE.



Ok Boycotting Vodka isn’t going to do shit even if everyone boycotted Russian vodka for the next 5 years it wouldn’t do jack shit to their economy. Join protests, give donations, spread the word, do what you can to support the Russian LGBTQ community so that they can rise up and kick this shit in the face

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